Rethinking self care

I can't count the number of times I have read about the importance of self care, especially for parents. Fill your own cup, apply your own oxygen mask - you cannot care properly for your kids if you haven't first cared for yourself. It's very good advice.  However, I have a growing unease about the [...]

2018 Saving Goals

At the beginning of last year I set myself a goal of saving 3 months salary as an emergency fund. And in December I transferred over the final £50 to achieve this goal. Whoop whoop! Since I've been on statutory maternity pay since May, that's pretty good going. With the emergency fund in place, I [...]

Intention for the month: January 2018

Happy new year everyone! This is our first time starting the year as a family of four, and I'm both excited and nervous to see what it will bring us. The headline news for this month is that I'm returning to work in a couple of weeks' time. I've been on maternity leave since our [...]